Wyn Davies

Wyn Davies

Wyn Davies takes a singer/songwriter approach to hip-hop music and lives for the stage. It’s a classic and new sound with lyrical depth for intellectuals and bounce for the club at the same time. A sound that transcends the rap genre capturing the zeitgeist for a global audience. Wyn Davies is a working class poet with a James Dean, Marlon Brando, Hemingway vibe for the rap game of 2016.

He grew up in LA and the Bay Area and resides now in the eclectic city Berlin busy recording his debut album

NME.COM - the famous rock and indie platform - shared his first video where you can watch the finest (and highly awarded) actresses of Berlin celebrating his music with Champagne.

Please find below a soundcloud link and get a sneak peak straight from the studio. Songs are still work in progress.

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Eldenaer Str. 35
10249 Berlin | Germany